Homemade Birthday Delights, Part 1

Yesterday we celebrated Levi's birthday (although his actually b-day isn't until Thursday).  It rained like crazy here in central PA, so our outdoor party got moved to the church basement.  There were about 50 people; we ate snack foods, watched a movie (more on that later), opened presents, demolished a cake, and spent time with the people most important in Levi's life.

Opening gifts was a crazy ordeal.  I tried to use Lauren's idea of having each kid open the gift they brought, but there were more gifts than kiddos, so it turned into a when-is-it-my-turn-to-open-the-next-present situation.  It was chaos, but so fun!

So back to the post title, homemade birthday delights. 

Last week I told you about Levi's birthday tradition pennant banner, and tomorrow I'll write about my DIY gift for Levi.  But today I am going to show one of the sweetest birthday gifts ideas.  My brother and his wife made him a super special photo book. They used the website Paper Coterie and uploaded 26 photos; one to go with each letter of the alphabet. {Jocelyn told this thrifty heart that Money Saving Mom had a great coupon code a few weeks back.  Even better!}

It's not just stock photos of apples and zebras; each alphabet letter has something personalized to Levi and his delightful little 12 months of existence.  This is an awesomely personalized gift I would love to copy, and I am so jealous that I did not think of it myself!!

If you want to make one for a little man or lady in your life, and you don't have thousands of pictures like my brother does, you can always download stuff from their parent's facebook profile.

I didn't really get to look at the book yesterday at the party, but when I read it to Levi today, I got all choked up out of the thoughtfulness and sentimental value of the gift!  And it's fun because it's kind of like a non-traditional scrapbook that gives and overview of his first year!

So here are the things that fill Levi's A to Z book:

A: Aunt Jocelyn
B: Bear
C: Cousins
D: Daddy
E: Eyes
F: Family
G: Grandma
H: Hat
I: Ice hockey
J: Jammies
K: Kiss
L: Levi
M: Mommy
N: Nap
O: Orioles
P: Parents
Q: Quack, quack
R: Rock star
S: Stroller ride
T: Turkey
U: Uncle Josh
V: Vomit
W: Water
X: X-Tra Love
Y: Yawn
Z: Zebra

Check back tomorrow for another Homemade Birthday Delight!!


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