If Children Could Talk...

Hi friends!  I think we are recouped from the birthday week extravaganza.  In addition to the party last weekend (which I told you about here, here, and here), we got Levi a haircut on his actual birthday, and we were house sitting all week in Manheim!  We've been home since Thursday night, but let me tell you, the kitchen still has laundry and dishes everywhere, the suitcases are still in the dining room, and Levi's diapers have not been unpacked from the box in which they came.

(Side note: I am trying cloth diapers, but that's another post for another day.)

I have a lot of stuff brewing in my head, but my dishes and baby need to be tended to first today.  So I am going to share something that I read this morning at The Better Mom.  As soon as I started reading this poem, my eyes teared up... I hope I am being as patient with Levi as he deserves.  Enjoy!

If Children Could Talk

…here is what they might say:

My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make my bed, draw a picture, or throw a ball.

My legs are short; please slow down so I can keep up with you.

My eyes have not seen the world as yours have; please let me explore safely. Don’t restrict me unnecessarily.

Housework will always be there. I’m only little for a short time-please take time to explain things to me about this wonderful world, and do so willingly.

My feelings are tender; please be sensitive to my needs. Don’t nag me all day long…treat me as you would like to be treated.

I am a special gift from God; please treasure me as God intended you to do, by holding me accountable for my actions, giving me guidelines to live by, and disciplining me in a loving manner.

I need your encouragement to grow. Please go easy on the criticism; remember you can criticize the things I do without criticizing me.

Please give me the freedom to make decisions concerning myself. Permit me to fail, so that I can learn from my mistakes. Then someday I’ll be prepared to make the kind of decisions life requires of me.

Please don’t do things over for me. Somehow that makes me feel that my efforts didn’t quite measure up to your
expectations. I know it’s hard, but please don’t try to compare me with my brother or my sister.

Please don’t be afraid to leave for a weekend together. Kids need vacations from parents, just as parents need vacations from kids. Besides, it’s a great way to show us kids that your marriage is very special.



  1. That poem is SO sweet! Do you mind if I post it on my blog? I'll link it to your blog. I don't know if you still check my blog, but our little ones are finally home! We got home about 2 months ago...it's been a whirlwind, but God's grace has been ever present and we fall more in love with each other every day. Love keeping up with your journey...your posts are always uplifting:).


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