God is Faithful

On Wednesday, Jess and I headed to NYC to see her favorite artist, Jeremy Camp.  Let's be honest, I love him,  too.

Jeremy's wife died of cancer 10 years ago, just a few months after their wedding; an eerily similar story to Jess and Isaac.  We were thrilled to get to meet him before the concert, and Jess got to share her story with him.

During the concert, Jeremy gave a small part of his testimony, noting that it had been 10 years since his wife died, and the work God is done in his life since then.  He got all kinds of choked up when he talked about his new wife, daughters, and son that is due in three weeks.

A tear slid down my face when he said, "God is faithful...Don't give up no matter what happens."  I couldn't stop thinking about where I was a year ago, the pain that followed for a few weeks, the healing that has come since then, and the little family of three that I am so blessed with.  Thank you, Jesus.

Lots of people took video of the concert on their iPhones, and Jess found one on youtube of our favorite part of the concert! If you start the video around 2:20, you'll hear the part of his testimony I mentioned - but the whole thing is good!!


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