Homemade Birthday Delights, Part 2

Let's be honest. Levi is one, and will never remember this birthday.  It doesn't really matter what gift Herb and I give him this year.  We bought him a little musical instrument puzzle, but more important to me were the handmade gifts; the pennant banner and his birthday video.

I spent waaaaaaay to long on this video, using Windows Movie Maker.  Herb said I should try to make it only a few minutes long because that's all people want to see.  I said, "It's our party and we'll cry  show a ten minute video if we want to."

Looking at the pictures in which Jess covertly captured many teary eyes and joyous smiles, I think I can say it was a hit!

Hope you enjoy it, too!  If the video below doesn't show up, click this link.


  1. this video brought tears, laughter, happiness, and hope to everyone in the room!


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