I Know The Awesomest People

I love that the right people always seem to find themselves into my life at the right time.  When we were (miserably) waiting to adopt, I met so many other adoptive families who showered me with support.  When I decided to quit my job, cash out my retirement, and throw caution to the no-career-for-now-wind, I suddenly found several other women who did the same thing, making the transition not so scary.

This week, I have been having warm fuzzies about the other moms God has been sprinkling in my life.  They are a wealth of knowledge.  They are my real life version of Googling a baby question.  Several of them now live in the same county, so suddenly Levi has a play date social life that rivals my college years.  One of them lives on the freakin' other side of the world, but what she lacks for in physical distance, she makes up for in heart distance (sorry, so cheesy, but so true).  Another one is a superhero who I get to call friend and sister.  And then there are two or three whose babies somehow grew up to be my age, but can easily remember when they did "back then" and are so willing to share and encourage.

In case you aren't as blessed as I am to have really incredible friends and family, you're in luck.  Two of them BLOG!!

My friend Lauren touched me this week when she blogged about how we are the ones who often hold our children back.  She's only been a mom for 2 months longer than I have, but her wisdom rocks my world.
...I understand that the lesson is more important than the completion of the task at hand. I want to have patience and understand that teaching as we live life side-by-side is the most effective way of instruction...
Then there's my friend Melody, who is such a "new" friend that we don't even have any pictures of us together (let's change that, okay?).  Melody is actually the friend-who-lives-the-closest now at our new place, and she's been a mom for 4 1/2 years. Melody blogged this week about the ministry we have in motherhood.
...When my first impulse would be to scold or nag or even yell at my children, I want to worship instead. Worship by responding kindly, by speaking gently. Worship by dying to myself (and my carpet) and allowing them to enjoy being children. Worship by getting off of Facebook and playing with them...
If you have time today, check out Melody and Lauren's blogs.  Also, thanks, Melody and Lauren for being really good mommy friends, and writing about it so I can shamelessly quote you.


  1. Michelle!!! I am on your blog!!!!!!!! AhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!! Thank you, friend, for the kind words. And oh my goodness-- your friendship has already been such a treasure to me!


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