The Necessarily Creative Christmas: Framed Quote

This Christmas has definitely been a lesson in necessity inspiring creativity (how does that quote go?).  Money we have not, but time and abilities are a-plenty this year.  I have been crafting up a storm, but I can't reveal everything just yet, I wouldn't want to ruin any surprises!

Today I'll show you my first installment of The Necessarily Creative Christmas Line. (Nice title, huh?)

The quote comes from Proverbs 23:7, but it was also sentimental to the gift recipient.  Christina is a wonderful lady I met during college who just turned 30. In college, this verse was inscribed in the lobby of the building where music majors spent every second of every day for four years.

To make it, I used one of the black 6x8 floating frames I got for a song on Black Friday.  I cut the letters out using Sure Cuts a Lot and black vinyl (like I did for this wall quote).  I love the simplicity of the black on the see-through frame, and the way the letter cast a shadow on the wall.

(Sorry the pictures are awful - can't find my camera, so cell phone will do!)

In the comments, would you share with me your favorite gift ever received that was hand made?


  1. Oooh, I love it! Great idea!

    Hmmmm... I am trying to think of the handmade gift question. Chris made me a bookshelf once for, I think, my first birthday that we were married. The best part of it is that he hid it out in his shop and had worked on it before we were married-- so that I would have a nice piece of furniture in our first little apartment. But beyond that, I love looking around at all the stuff Chris made for me-- not necessarily a gift-- just in the course of our remodel... and knowing that he MADE it. I just think that makes things so much cooler!

  2. Once I had a friend make me this quote on a canvas that included my favorite word {joy} and my husband's favorite word {hope}. :)

  3. Michelle, Kim at NewlyWoodwards is doing a link-up to handmade gifts. Check it out! and post yours too!

    Oh, and my niece made a fleece tie blanket for Matt for Christmas last year-- so cute! Actually, I liked all of the handmade blankets/quilts/sweaters Matt has received. Love the thought put into them.


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