Still Getting Chills

Today I had lunch with a friend from college, who unlike everyone else on the face of the plant, is not a facebook user.  We haven't seen each other in several years, but randomly ran into each other a few weeks ago at the farm show.  Now both stay at home moms and living in the same community, a play date was in order!

Other than missing out on hours of wasted time, Becca had also missed the entire fertility-adoption saga.  She knew we adopted Levi because for whatever reason, it was the FIRST thing I told her when we saw each other at the farm show.

"You have a baby!"
"Yeah, he's ADOPTED!"

Herb claims I actually shouted it.

Anyway, she wanted to hear the whole story, and believe me, I gave her the long version.  It was crazy awesome to get to tell the complete story to someone who had no idea what was going to come next.  And you know how much I love a captive audience!  From no nut-sack needle to incredibly specific answered prayers.  From finding out about Levi's birth on facebook to our awesome relationship with Levi's first family.  She was literally sitting on the edge of her seat the entire time.

Dang, I guess it is a pretty good story.

My son is 16 months old, and the story still gives me chills.  Just last month we spoke at a fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services, and I ugly cried through my speech during rehearsal (thankfully, I got it out then and held it together during the banquet).  And then last night when we were at a Christmas party for our adoption agency and I kept getting choked up just thinking about how important those people were to me.  Then they called up all the kids who had finalized adoptions in the past year to place an ornament on the Christmas tree.  Afterward, Herb thought I was taking Levi outside to run around after he hung his ornament, but I actually went out in the hall and cried.

God is so good.  I hope our story keeps me in awe for the rest of my life.


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