2011 Countdown

The presents are organzied, the tree is packed away, and the ball is ready to drop.  You know what that means, right?  New Year's Reflection Time!! I'll be back before the end of the year to do an actual year in review kind of reflection.

In the meantime, my stats tell me that these are the top 10 posts written in 2011 that were the most visited.  I guess scientifically it's unfair to the posts that were written later in the year, but oh well.

Part 5 in the saga of Herb and Michelle; it was this time of year 8 years ago that we made it official. 
{If there were a soundtrack to the story, this song would be on it.}

The day my son almost didn't get named on the stand because I was crying too hard.

My secret weapon?  Amazon Mom!

The closer we become, the more real it is.

6. Birthday Pennant Banner
The first project in my Necessarily Creative gifts line - a birthday banner for Levi.

Cue the "Romeo and Juliet" theme, Chapter 1 of our story was about love at first sight.

Cupcakes, pool baths, and naked baby dancing...

Levi's birthmom, Jen, shares her side of the story.

In all fairness, the only reason this wreath got so many hits is because I linked up to Nester's wreath link party.  It has also been pinned by four people I don't know in real life.  This is the big time folks.  Ha ha!

I'm glad this is the number one read post this year.  If I learned anything this year, it is about how amazing open adoption can be, but how we really both have to work at the relationship.  When I wrote this post, Jen and I hadn't actually spent any time together yet, and had merely exchanged letters.  Looking back on the 2011, Jen's friendship is one of the things for which I am most thankful.

And if that doesn't accurately sum up my year of blogging, maybe this will...


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