Aqua - Red Loving

 Recently, I whipped up a couple of these Little Guy ties.  I got the pattern from etsy, and the fabric from one of Herb's old dress shirts.  I made one for Levi, Roman, and Liam.  I just wish I could have the three of them together for a matching picture!  Unfortunately, Liam and Roman live in Hawaii.  That's okay though, matching ties on our boys somehow makes me feel a little closer to Lauren!

Anyway, I made Levi the aqua tie and then realized I didn't actually have a shirt to match it.  I went out on a limb and tried it with the red striped Christmas shirt, and I loved it!  Here is Levi posing with the coordinating aqua and red Roman shade in our kitchen.  I think I'm on an aqua and red kick.

I know the jury is still out for some people.  This color combo may not be your cup of tea, and that's okay!  But, in my defense, even Target is recognizing it's awesomeness.  Check out this chevron dish towel!  The dish dowel and coordinating pasta were a gift from Jess - doesn't she know me so well? I just wish that I had the aqua pasta for my wedding.  My little color-loving heart is just going to explode when I serve it up with a side of red sauce.

So, there you have it.  I just wrote an entire post about loving my favorite color, aqua, and it's accent friend, red.  

And speaking of loving aqua, recently I found a couple blogs devoted just to the color aqua. I am so angry I didn't think of creating this myself!

House of Turquoise -
Everything Turquoise -

What's your favorite color combo?


  1. These are my sister-in-loves colors for her wedding this summer! It's definitely much more bold than I'd ever be brave enough to do for a wedding, but I know she's going to pull it off well and itll be really fun!


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