One day last week, I walked in the house a few hours earlier than expected after work.  I came in the door, music was blaring from the computer - Herb's new favorite band, The Rizers (they put Bible verses to music).  Toys strewn around, Herb on the floor on his hands and knees, Levi climbing on his back, giggles filling the air.

I spied on the boys for a bit before I made my presence known.  Seeing the two of them playing so hard together made my heart swell.

Little boys need their daddies.

Herb plays with Levi so incredibly.  He's got this constant energy and patience with his son.  He is the perfect balance of gentle in love and firm in discipline.

I have been so blessed to have a great father myself and a great father for my son.  My dad and Herb are living examples that show me glimpses of the love my heavenly Father has for me.

Happy Father's Day!


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