My Favorite Baby Things - Guest Post

Today I'm over at The Baloney Bug doing my first guest post!  Joan is doing a "favorite things" series right now, so I am sharing my very favorite baby must haves.  Joan's not a momma yet, but I am excited for one day when she is - that will be one crazy awesome nursery.

You may remember Joan from our Christmas card pictures or this post.  She was also the creative genius who recovered Levi's glider. 

While you're over at her blog, hang around and get to know Joan a little bit.  She's got an adorable small apartment in NYC with BIG style.  

She makes cake pops that taste even better than the look.  

She's got incredible fashion sense, and she's married to one of my best friends from High School!

Some of the old gang from high school:
Me, Jeremy, Joan & Jon, Liz
Ok, see you over at!


  1. What a sweet post!! So honored to have you over on TBB today :)


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