Twenty Two

Roses are red,  violets are blue,


Months, that is.

I know, a weird numbered month for an update, but whatever.  It's my party and I'll blog if I want to.

From May 5 to June 5, Levi grew 3 inches.  That makes him almost three feet tall - it's weird to see him being held and be half the size of the adults in his life.  Because of the Stretch Armstrong business going on, he's still able to wear some of his 18 mo shorts from last summer (craziness), but needs a 2T shirt.  I love 2T shorts with an adjustable waist band!

Vocally, he's so clever!  Not speaking in sentences (except "I Love You,"), but echoing short phrases and pretty much every word we say.  His favorite word right now is "Bee-a-shruck," which sounds a little like "beer truck," but what's he's really saying is "Firetruck."  He also babbles a lot about helicopters, airplanes, cars, baseball, hockey, b-pa (grandpa), Elmo, hats, and shoes.  Oh and now he LOOOOOVE wearing hats.  Loves them.

Although he has climbed out of his crib once, he's still sleeping like  CHAMP.  We're talking 12-13 hours at night and 2-4 hours in the afternoon.  In fact, today he slept till 11am, and then slept another 3 hours in the afternoon.  It's all that growing, I guess.

His sense of humor is coming out, too.  He likes to put weird things on his arms/hands (like a cup or a headband) and comes over, waving the arm at you, saying, "Hi!" He loves being tickled, startled, and read to.  In fact, the other day, I caught him reading the book "Tickle Monster" to himself, saying, "knee!  knee!" and then tickling his own knee.

Levi is definitely developing an interest in all things musical.  When he's upset in the car, if we turn on the radio he usually calms down.  Occasionally during silence he'll shout, "SING!" and then proceed to sing his version of Ben Folds Five or "na na na," which is kind of Elmo's song, or wait for Herb or I to do that for him.

He knows pretty much everyone's name in his little world.  Even names of people I wouldn't expect him to remember yet he is nailing.  I am also finding it weird the stuff he remembers, like where toys and such are at other people's houses.

He associates any mobile device or remote as a phone and often picks up the "phone," and says, "Me-ma?"  I must be talking to my mom a lot... :)

Eating has been a bit more of a challenge, but the definite loves are yogurt, applesauce, asparagus (what?), hot dogs, and fishies.

(Watch video of Levi eating asparagus here.)

My heart melts every time this little guy grabs my face and plants a kiss.  Or the moment before bed when he's all tucked in, takes out his pacifier and whispers, "I looobe ooo," and smiles.  Or the times when he brings me little flowers picked by his tiny hands.

Happy 22 month birthday, Levi!

(I guess it's time to start planning a party, huh?  Want to see what I'm thinking?  Check out my pins here.)


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