In true Michelle fashion, after I blogged about the marriage conference we went to, and promised a part two, I never delivered.  So here it is: One of the main things we took away was realizing how much more of an effort we both need to put into being friends, not just business partners in our marriage.  In this season of life when we're both pulled in so many directions, we really are trying to make an effort to make better time for each other.

For example, when Herb gets home from work and I have to run out the door five minutes later to go to work myself, instead of just asking "How was your day," he now asks, "How are you?"  This gives me a chance to tell him the happy or stressful things I'm thinking about, and gets us right to the point in the few minutes we have together.

My concession was to follow baseball this year.  I know, a weird compromise, right?  But I decided if I can be interested in something that Herb loves, it's an activity we can share together (and as a family).  It's been pretty fun catching up on scores with my MLB app, and trash talking my brother when the Orioles beat the Phillies last week.  

And let's face it, the two best things about sports are trash talking and coordinating a cute family outfit, right?

So anyway, last week for my birthday/ our anniversary/ Father's Day, Herb's mom and step dad treated us to a baseball game.  It wasn't Levi's first Orioles game (pronounced Oreo-ls by the little guy), but it may be my most memorable. 

The weather was perfect.  Sunny with a high of 75 (or so).  The Orioles were playing the only other team that is just as bad, The Pirates.  Herb's mom and step dad are Pirates fans, so it was a great game to go to together!  And even better, the Orioles actually won (weird, right?).

As we found our seats I realized Levi was really warm, as in feverish.  He slept most of the game but woke up during the 7th inning and puked in my hand.  

On the way home, Herb's mom's car broke down.  We know LOTS of people in York that could have came to get us; we were only about 45 minutes away, but it was midnight.  We found a hotel lobby to crash in and my insomniac mother came to the rescue and picked us up in Timonium at 2:30am.

And yes, feverish Levi was awake all this time, too.

All drama and sickness aside,  we had a wonderful time at the game and got some really precious pictures!!  But next time we're taking our new car - we have free towing and rental car service. ;)


  1. Love the family photo!! But obviously, The Mets are better.

    Jon and his buddies from church are going to the game tonight. Fun!

  2. Just caught up on your last few posts. What an eventful baseball trip!!

    I just love your heart for your marriage and your precious little boy.


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