Chocolate World

The weather in south central Pennsylvania was gorgeous today.  Days like this affirm my seasonal depression tendencies - I was on top of the world!!

After a morning of cleaning and playing, we headed to a park to celebrate a certain five year old and her upcoming trip to kindergarten.  A simple picnic by the creek, near a wonderful playground, with special people.  It was picturesque.

As the picnic wrapped up and Levi and Savannah finished playing (and throwing grass at each other), we decided to go visit Chocolate World at Hershey Park.  We had been to Hershey earlier this summer with Savannah, Jen, and Ricky, but never made it to the chocolate world ride, so it was fun to be able to do that together.

The kids loved the singing cows, the adults devoured milkshakes and cookies later.

Tonight, after an early bedtime routine, Levi was almost asleep when I heard some pretty serious grunting coming his room.  I went to check on him, and the smells hit me all at once.

I turned on the light, and got myself ready for a major number two clean up.  As I opened his diaper, Levi said with the most delighted voice,

"It's just like Chocolate World in there!"

Yes, it really was.


  1. Hahahahahaha and eeeewww all at once!

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