The Necessary Post Filled With Poop Talk

I promised myself I wasn't going to overly talk about potty training and really try not to blog or facebook about it.  But seriously, when your kid nails it, you just want to shout to the world,

"My kid pooped on the potty!"

But, I regress.

I think what hit me harder was seeing pictures of a trendy new cloth diaper store, realizing I have NO NEED to shop there, and then,


just like that,

I have baby fever.

It might change after a good night's sleep.  But I think I am ready to entertain these conversations and talks now.

Good thing I can trial run 2 kids starting in a few weeks, continuing for the next 10 months.  Maybe that will scratch the itch?  If that point we'll start looking into writing a new chapter.


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