Two Weeks of Two Kids

It's been two weeks of watching baby Charlotte.  Here's a little recap...

1.  I've learned the secret to being a good parent - be outnumbered.  With two kids, I can't do anything in my day except focus on the needs of the three year old and the two month old.  I'm more focused, I'm pushing my energy farther.  I think Levi has actually watched less TV in the last two weeks than he has all summer, so that's a good sign, right?

2.  On the other hand, having two kids sometimes make me feel like a worse parent - is Levi getting all the attention he needs?  Is Charlotte spending too much time in the infant playground while I attend to Levi?

3.   Things I forgot about a newborn
      a.  EVERYONE stars at you, wants to touch the baby, asks her name/age
      b.  There are times when there is nothing you can do but snuggle the baby and watch Netflix, and that's okay.
     c.  They sleep a lot!

4.  Levi has adjusted swimmingly.  Only once has he "hurt" her - and it was a complete accident.  He was trying to show her his Little People School Bus, and it slipped out of his hands and fell right on her face.  :(  He cried more than she did when this happened.

5.  If you have more than one kid, you are a super hero in my eyes.  I may do it for a few hours a day, but at 3:30 I'm off duty, and the rest of the evening is spent hanging out with my big kid and recovering.  You guys don't get a break like that, and for that, you have my utmost respect.

6.  I think I am going to be ready to join the 2 kid club as a permanent member when this school is over.

7.  It seems like Fridays are the major nap day.  For the last two weeks, on Friday the kids are wiped, fall asleep fast, and stay asleep long - even if it's in a weird location (see picture below for evidence from last week).


  1. She's a cutie! (So is Levi, of course). :)

  2. You're a pro :) and I completely agree with #1. It's actually why I wanted a second so soon. I felt like I wanted to really WORK if I was going to be working. Don't worry, I am.


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