The Best Thing

I've had lots of pregnant friends.  Some with babies long before I became a mom, some with babies born very recently.  I am familiar with the pregnancy/birth/newborn process.  In fact, I think I'm pretty knowledgeable about the subject for someone who's never actually experienced it.

Something I haven't experienced is watching someone else go through an adoption.

So, you can imagine my excitement when my friend Suzanne told me she and her husband were planning to adopt.  It was about a year after we brought Levi home, and all I could think was "Ugh, the wait."  I knew she would make it through, but I hated to even ask how the adoption process was going, knowing if there were exciting news to share, she would have already shared it.

Last month, prayers were answered.  Hopes were fulfilled.  Dreams came true. Meet McKenna Marie!

In January, I wrote about how the beginning of the new year always reminds me of the fun it was to start dating Herb and how each January I fall a little more in love with him, reminiscing about those days.  This summer, I realized that I get super nostalgic about Levi during the months of July and August.  Which makes sense... I want to celebrate the day I first learned of his existence, the day we got the call that Jen had picked us, the day we first met Jen and Savannah, and of course the day of Levi's entrance into the world.  Ahhhh!!!  How have three years passed already?

Did I mention today is the anniversary of the day we got the call?  August 2, one of the happiest days of my life.  (The video version of that day is here.)

A few weeks ago when Suzanne told me that she had received THE CALL, emotions and memories flooded over me.  What excitement and joy it was to remember those feelings of spontaneous parenthood.  One day you're just biding your time, trying to fill the space in your schedule and your heart with anything and everything, knowing it can only be filled by something weighing under 10 pounds, and the next day poof, you're a momma.

Hopes Fulfilled
I only wish miles, counties, and a big river didn't separate Suzanne and I!  When I went to meet Baby McKenna, we easily talked for six hours about the joys of parenthood and open adoption.  Of course, thinking and talking about that season of life gets me all sappy.

Two Little Dreams Come True
I hope that the amazing blessing that Levi is in my life is never lost on me.  I pray that I am always humbled by Jen's choice and faith in me as a mother for her child.  And I pray that every year when the weather is just a few degrees beyond my comfort level, I'm strongly reminded of God's faithfulness.


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