Here Comes the Bride

Today Levi asked my why I wear two rings but Daddy wears one.  I explained the engagement ring vs. the wedding ring.  He said, "You and Daddy had a wedding like Jen and Ricky?!"  He was so excited.  He remembers their wedding because it was only a few months ago, and he was the oh-so-adorable ring bearer.

I remember reading books about open adoption, long before Levi was ever in our life.  One adoption I read about was "SO open," that eventually the adoptive family was involved in the wedding of the birth mother.  Oh, how scandalous and unheard this seemed to me at the time.  I could not fathom how such a potentially strange relationship could be so tight-knit.  Even the book I was reading painted this scenario as the exception, no the rule. But I wanted that.  I was  nervous, but I wanted that kind of relationship badly.

Fast forward four years, and we have it.

My heart was so touched when Jen asked Levi to be a ring-bearer in her wedding.  As I stood back watching Levi pose for a million pictures with the happy couple and his sister, my heart swelled with gratitude.  I am so thankful to be a part of their lives...and that they want to be a part of ours, too.

There are not feelings of jealousy or fear, the way the book warned.  There is only love, and excitement to see how our relationship will blossom and grow as Levi does, too.


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