Merry Christmas from Levi (and his parents)

Dear People I Love and Love Me, Too,     
Welcome to a 2013 recap from the point of view of a three year old.  Yes, that’s right, I’m three now!  We celebrated with a Baseball Birthday Party (see picture) and I talked about it for months following.  All my friends and family played a mean game of wiffle ball and we ate Orioles cupcakes.

Speaking of (one of my favorite sayings) baseball, I love sports - baseball, soccer, hockey, football, tennis, golf.  I love playing them outside with Daddy or inside on the TV.  Sports and matchbox cars are definitely my thing.

Daddy’s been just as busy as always.  He works at Clair Brothers building stuff, and then he also works at church doing music.  On Sundays after church and naps, he goes to work at the radio station and talks in the microphone.  Mommy goes to teach lessons at night sometimes after Daddy gets home.  We’ve also been babysitting my friend Baby Charlotte. I really like it best when they’re both home and we play Candyland, Go Fish, or Memory.

I have to leave sometimes, though, too.  I go to school two mornings a week.  My biggest concern is wondering what in the world Mommy does while I’m at school.  She usually says “cleaning” or “groceries,” but I have a feeling it’s more like “watching TV,” “doing the computer,” or “craft stuff.”

Other highlights from the year include a being the ring bearer in my birth mom’s wedding (see picture!!), road trips to the Outer Banks, Pittsburgh, and DC (to visit some of you), a trip to Hershey park, and enough play dates to keep me happy and Mommy sane.

I’m excited for 2014.  I am going to turn four.  Daddy is talking about going back to school. Mommy’s hoping to become better at sewing and cooking.  I’m thinking about asking them for a little brother or sister.  So, who knows?!  I’ll keep you updated for sure!

Ok, that’s all.




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