Marriage Is So Kind

Are you a fan of The Office?  We are big fans here.  A part of me died when the show ended.  One of my favorite quotes from the finale was when Andy Bernard said this:

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

Where I'm going with this is along the same vain, but a little different...

The other day when Levi was asking about our rings and our wedding I took about an hour to tell him about our wedding and he patiently (and excitedly) looked at pictures from that happy day in 2006.

I gave him a play by play of how we met, referring to "my friend Herb," and I think Levi wasn't sure if that was "daddy" or not.  It was my nod to "How I Met Your Mother," but three-year-old style.

Anyway, when I got to the day of our wedding, this is where our conversation went:

Me: "Levi, do you know what Daddy said to me at our wedding?"
Levi: "No, what?"
Me: "He said, "Michelle, I promise I will love you until the day I go to Heaven."
Levi: [HUGE gasp] "Oh IS SOOO KIND.  THAT IS SOOO GREAT.  Oh man."

Telling Levi our "love story," made me realize (again) how special it is. Like Andy Bernard said, they were the good old days.  When I was living it out (10 years ago) our friendship, courting, and engagement seemed fun and special, but not because it was like a fairy tale, but because it was ours.  But now, getting to retell it with the knowledge of how the story continues to unfold and seeing it through the eyes of our son, our love story feels like the best story ever told.  It has aged well, it is better with the years.  More touching, more fantastic, more like happily ever after.


  1. ... and someday, when Levi is all grown up, you will look back at these moments as "the good old days".
    Merry Christmas, Michelle!

  2. You two DO have a very special love story! How amazing that Levi kind of gets that?! Marriage is kind, I love it. :)


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