...Because a baby is coming...

Today I was feeling bummed. There was a baby dedication at church and I felt like that special occasion was SO far from where we are now. I know, I'm melodramatic and whiny.

I have this overwhelming feeling that we appear to be "faking it." The longer we wait, the more I feel like this is not really happening. It's probably all in my head, but does it seem like Michelle and Herb are waiting and preparing for a baby that's really not actually coming? Do we look like idiots to people who are actually pregnant and have physical evidence of a baby on the way?

I was sharing this with Herb on the way to small group tonight. He said he got a little emotional during the baby dedication too, but with a more positive spin on it. "That's probably the next big thing we will do in a church, and that's exciting." He was encouraging and patient, but I was still down.

So, I walked my defeated and deflated self out of the car and into the warm home of Russ and Lynne. And there on the couch laid three little baby outfits. "A little Valentine's gift for Baby Suereth," Lynne said. "Because a baby is coming!!"

I love that she didn't even know how sad I was feeling today (or why). Thanks, Lynne (and thanks God for using Lynne). It was just the little glimmer of hope I needed tonight.


  1. wow, michelle! what a sweet answer to prayer you didn't even know!!! i LOVE when God does things like that for us, just to remind us He does in fact see us, and care for us! thank you for sharing and reminding me of His goodness!
    and i know i'm not around or a "friend" but if it helps at all, everything you've said here is exactly what my parents have felt/said and what all my friends have said that have chosen a baby. also, you're hormones are supposed to be alittle whack, ya know? you are expecting after all :)
    praying for you and herb, today!

  2. I love being used. What a testimony to how much God cares about you. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me to always listen to God's promptings.

  3. Thank God for good friends who know just what you need, when you need it. All things baby are hard when not pertaining to YOUR baby. I remember feeling the same way. The longer the wait took, the more discouraged I became. Hang in there. Your day WILL come.


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