Blog Award!

I've seen these flying around, and just got nominated by my friend Amber from high school.

As a recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award, one must:

- Add a link and a note of thanks to the person giving the award
- Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whose blogs you have recently discovered that you love
- Share 7 things about yourself

Here are my VII things:

1. I pride myself with remembering dates and weird numbers. I have a thing about 12 (6, 24, etc).

2. I am learning to give up control. The hard way!

3. Through the hard learning, I am realizing the absolutely amazing support I have in my life through Herb, family, friends, church, and yes, even facebook.

4. I love making our house a home. From grocery shopping to painting. I long to make this place Herb's oasis.

5. I looooooove TV. Love it. I know, I'm a loser.

6. I haaaaaaate sporting events. You all know that already, this is jsut a reminder. I've been getting too many inviations lately, so I thought I should refresh your memory.

7. I like when our cat cuddles with us, but I love that she's not a cuddly cat. That means when she does she really loves us.

Now I am supposed to share this award with 15 other bloggers. I am picking people whose blog I read the minute it is posted, and those who I know read mine on a regular enough basis to see this award! In no particular order...

1. Walking the Valley
2. Scrappin' with Suzy
3. A Sibiling for Kali
4. Destination...Babytown
5. Heart Cries
6. Bekah
7. Bringing Up Baby
8. Stoltzfus Family
9. Baloney Bug
10. Farming Momma
11. Miseducation of Nik Cole
12. Walking in the Way

Okay, I only did 12! (Ah, see, it's that 12 thing again).


  1. Thank you!! Of all the blog awards this one is the coolest/prettiest! :)

  2. Thanks for doing this! It almost felt like a chain-letter, but who can resist being called a Beautiful Blogger? I love reading your site-- thank you for your transparency and your willingness to let us all be part of your adoption journey.

  3. o lady. thank you! :)
    i have to laugh, this little award cracks me up...
    i won't be writing my 'things' because i did that int he fall when i was nominated the first time. also, i only had to do 7 and pick 4 people. crazy how it "grows' as time goes on!!! :)
    praying for you and herb and the little one. where ever he/she is!


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