What Will The Summer Hold?

As we get dangerously close to the 9 month mark, I am going to take a moment to reflect...

I know there is still a miraculous chance to beat that 9 month ticker, but I am not optimistic. I was planning (praying) to NOT finish the school year but it's February already and I can see (and have planned towards) the end of the year. There is becoming a very possible reality that June 4th will roll around and I will still be doing what I'm doing now.

For each baby that we are not chosen for there is a big let down, but also a side of me that is relieved thinking of all the things we still will have time to get finished. What a weird and crazy roller coaster.

Tonight I registered for grad classes for this summer. Finishing my masters degree would be so awesome. Three classes and a thesis is all I have left, and I think I can get the classes done this summer.

But HOW AWESOME would it be to cancel those classes because a baby came?!

Can't wait till I am wearing this again...

But to be honest, I'd rather be wearing one of these sooner...


  1. Good idea to make plans. This way you will be happy either way: baby or masters. So are you guys coming to Oak Island? Assuming of course you don't get a baby like the week before.

  2. o michelle. i know this isn't so long and melodramatic. but you have such a way to write that makes me "feel" you. still pryaing for you and herb and that the Lord will fill you with himself today and be with your sweet baby till he/she is in your arms.


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