Donkey Chasing A Carrot

This seems to be my mantra for the last two weeks. We keep pressing forward because we think we're almost there, but really, what does that even mean? Summer? Fall? Winter? 3 years from now? Oh God, please don't do that to us. I guess if the wait is going to be LONG, sometimes it might be better to know how much longer it's going to be. We just keep stepping forward.

Don't get me wrong, I'm am NOT wishing my life away. My calendar and heart are full right now. I am enjoying all the things that we are keeping busy with, knowing they won't be in our lives forever.

Lately, it just seems like there are so many families waiting, and so few mothers choosing adoption, how is it even feasible that we will have a child?

Probably one of the worst feelings is the pity other people show us. It's good to know people care, but right now I am trying really hard to stay positive.

The ironic thing in this whole anology is that I HATE carrots. They make me gag.


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