Glad to Be Baby Free

This was one of those weekends that I just fell more in love with my husband, and was grateful for the alone time we had.

Saturday, we spent the day ripping apart half walls, painting, and doing other things on the ever long to do list at our house. We ended up painting the wrong color (my fault), and then in the evening, while Herb was away with some friends, I put up the right color. I am loving it! Next Saturday we're going to finish the paint, and lay some tile by the front door in preparation for the new carpet that is coming.

Of course, Sunday we were beat. We slept until 9:30, skipped church, ate pancakes, watched James Bond and HGTV, and took a long afternoon nap. Perfect for a rainy day.

Thank you God, for giving us such a fun and loving marriage. As much as I want to be a mommy, I would NEVER trade this special time I've had with my husband. It's really the best thing.


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