Feelings of Newness

I think the next blog I start is going to be about all the strange dreams I have. I wish I could DVR my dreams, just so I could watch them when I'm awake and try to make sense of them.

This week I had a bunch of really strange dreams this week, most notably dreams with that feeling of falling in love for the first time. Driving to work this morning, trying to analyze what is going on in my subconscious mind, I went down two path of interpretation.

I started thinking about the time (in real life) when Herb and I first started dating (except I didn't know we were dating, haha). We had decided to meet at the George Street Cafe in Millersville for coffee one day over Christmas break. As I'm sitting there, waiting for him, suddenly it dawns on me, "Oh my gosh, I think this is a date." And panic set in. Will he show up? What will we talk about? If I remember correctly, I actually made a list of conversation topics. In my anxiety, I missed his car pulling up, but then I heard the door open and looked up. And there stood one of my best friends, Herb. All my fears flew out the window and an extreme calm came over me. Why was I nervous about having coffee with my friend Herb? So what if he may or may not be interested in more than friendship, he was someone I could trust. And as the story goes, within a few days, we figured out where our friendship was headed and lived happily ever after.

I enjoyed reliving that memory this morning on my way to work, how lucky I am to have fallen in love with someone I already knew SO WELL.

The other obvious interpretation of these dreams is how I am processing the adoption. Like falling in love for the first time, I am excited, but anxious. I am waiting by the phone for a special call. I am making room in my heart for someone new.

It's kind of funny, but I just realized I am obsessing over a baby the way I did in high school about boys. I think this is a little more acceptable and normal though. (At least I hope)

So, if I started a blog about my dreams, would you read it?


  1. The real question is...did any of your dreams involve cream cheese?

  2. I absolutely love this blog... and you and Herbs story. It is exactly what I want. To marry my best friend.

  3. you and herb make me smile.
    oh, how i long for a friendship like that with a man.
    in the Lord's timing. thank you for showing His love through your lives.
    praying for you guys and baby today!


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