I'm Living Out a Romantic Comedy

You know how I claim to love looking back and seeing where God has His hand in stuff? Jocelyn reminded me of this story last night. (Sorry for another love story, but it's spring, these remind me of happiness, and also reassure me that if God could write such a great story for my husband and I, why not for our baby, too?)

It was October 13, 2003 and I was a college sophomore, Jocelyn was a freshmen, and Herb was a "round two" sophomore. We were all running around in the same circle of friends, but if there were any romantic feelings brewing between Herb and I, I didn't realize it yet. The three of us had been at a Professional Development day for music teachers and were dressed to the nines. After the meetings, Jocelyn and I got this hair-brained idea to go to the mall and look at engagement rings. NOT because we were in the market for them now, or anytime soon in the foreseeable future, but because who doesn't want to dream?

As were perusing, Herb called us and asked where we were, and if we wanted to hang out. We clearly filled him in on what were were doing, and he still decided to join us.

I really wish I had a video tape of these next few scenes. We went from store to store, Jocelyn and I trying on every ring we loved. (Sidenote: I was excited to discover my ring size was actually the one they kept in the case.) When prompted, Herb would claim to be MY boyfriend. He even really got into asking about cuts of diamonds and talking about the science of finding and making the perfect diamond. The sales lady was impressed that Herb could speaking intelligently about diamonds and had such an interest, too. "He's so smart," I said in a loving tone as I patted his hand.

In hindsight, maybe that's when I realized things weren't just brewing for us, but maybe there was something on tap.

So Herb and I end up together, Jocelyn marries my brother, and we all live happily ever. Man, that's awesome.


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