I Have A Reason To Sing

I love music for so many reasons. I love that it lifts me up, or lets me stay down (if that's where I want to be). I can't play Gershwin tunes on my clarinet without feeling on top of the world, and I still can't listen to "Untitled Hymn" without losing it. I wonder if it's the actual music/lyrics that affects me, or my association with it (like what the situation I was in when I first heard it).

Right now, there are several songs that I love to listen to, dreaming of singing them in the dark in the middle of the night. I've mentioned the Michelle Featherstone tunes before, but my new favorite is Keep You Safe (JJ Heller).

Then there are the kind of songs that break my heart. But it's the good kind of breaking. You know, the kind where you lose it completely, and then realize you've got a God on your side who is going to help you put it all back together? These are the ones that take me there right now. They even have a way of soothing the ache I wrote about.

- Your Hands (JJ Heller)
- Desert Song (Hillsong)
- Invictus (Brave Saint Saturn)

What music is speaking to you these days? JJ Heller and Michelle Featherstone are two new artists I discovered in the last few months, thanks to Jess and Lauren. Anything else I should be checking out??


  1. Have been hearing this one by Kari Jobe on WJTL a lot lately, and I really like it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPrZbF74C6g

    I also like some of her other stuff that I've listened to as well. She reminds me of Bethany Dillon.

  2. Dessert song is one of those songs that really touches me. I could listen and sign it over and over again.


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