31 and still so fun

Today my dear Herb turned 31.  That's 31 more years than predicted!

No, but seriously, every year on his birthday I'm reminded what a gift his life is, and what a privileged it is that he choose ME to spend it with!

The PA Farm Show always falls around the time of his birthday.  Two years ago we went on a Saturday, his 29th birthday.  Deep in the throws of {impatiently} waiting for a baby, we were especially in tune to all the strollers around us and hoped that next year we could bring our own baby to the farm show.

2010 Farm Show
Last year, we did indeed have our own little baby to bring to the farm show, but at 5 months old, Levi wasn't all that into it.  But he was still cute in his bibs!  Last year we said, "Oh next year the farm show will be so much more fun with a one year old!"

2011 Farm Show
And we were right.  Levi was full of words like duck, chicken, and cow.  He liked getting on the goose's eye level, but wasn't so sure about petting a huge horse.  He sucked down half of my maple frozen yogurt and an order of chicken nuggets.

It's also my sister in law, Jocelyn's birthday.  For all the years that we were friends, I could never remember her exact birth date, so conveniently, I found a husband who has the same birthday so I can always remember it.
My brother and niece at the farm show.  Joelle is saying "cheese."
Not sure why Herb loves the farm show so much (you know, cause we are soooo farmy with our yard that we don't even mow oursevles), but it's a fun birthday tradition and something to look forward too after the holidays.

I love you, Herb!  Happy birthday.  

(Don't worry, I saved all the super cheesy lovey stuff for his card.)


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