My Proverbial Tentmaking

If you think this is goign to be a post about how to DIY a tent, then you're wrong.  But it's a good guess!

I had to get a job this week.  But my work options were pretty limited, as in I could only work after 5 pm, when Herb gets home from work.  Of course I'd love to get more piano/clarinet/guitar students,  but until more come along, waitressing was pretty much my only other option.

I applied for a couple of jobs on New Years Eve, but the job I really wanted was at our favorite restaurant here in town.  Coincidently, earlier that day a server position at said restaurant became open!  One thing led to another, I was hired, and I started on Tuesday.The people were incredibly friendly, helpful, and nice.  The food and beer is so delicious that I want to tell everyone in the world to eat there.  The food is priced at a point that makes a server's tips quite nice.  And it is precisely one mile from my house.  Awesome, awesome, awesome, and awesome.

God had provided a job within days of deciding I needed one and a way for Herb to be home in time to watch Levi so I could get to work.

And yet I was still feeling sorry for myself.

Tuesday night after my shift, I walked in the door, kicked off my shoes, threw my balled up apron on the stairs, and began my pity party.  Tears were welling in my eyes, my pockets were empty (since I was just training), feet were aching (when was the last time I literally didn't sit for 5 hours?), I was smelling restauranty, and feeling like I had toilet germs everywhere.  Herb was here hanging out with our pastor, and when they asked me how work was, the sobs poured out.

I can see now it was totally my pride, but all I could say was, "I practically have a master's degree, and here I am cleaning toilets?!  This is so not fair."

And Dennis, bless his heart, had just the right encouragement.  He reminded me that by making this career sacrifice I am blessed to be able to be with Levi all day.  He commended Herb and I for "sticking it out" and figuring out ways to take care of Levi and our financial obligations.  Sure I could go back to teaching, but then I would lose all those precious moments.

He pointed out that in the New Testament, Paul "labored over tent making as not to be a burden" to anyone he was ministering to. (1 Thessalonians 2:9)

Waiting tables, serving food, and cleaning toilets at the end of the night is my proverbial tent making.  This part time job enables me to maintaining my "daytime ministry" in motherhood.  Which is seriously my favorite thing ever.

I am so thankful for my little boy, and the time we get to spend together.  I am so happy that Herb is willing to make sacrifices so I can stay home with Levi, and even after working three jobs, is still willing to spend quality time with Levi in the evening while I work.  I am delighted that God pretty much dropped a great job into my lap.

And I'm really grateful for Dennis inspiring my new "tent making perspective."

What tents are you making?


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