We Have {No} Explaining To Do

So often I feel like I try to squeeze open adoption relationships into a framework of something else - something more explainable, more common.  Step family relationships, extended family, family friend, etc. But really it's none of those things.

Open adoption is completely its own unique amazing experience.

Levi's sister, Savannah, demonstrates this perfectly.  She often calls Levi her little brother or baby brother, which he is.  When she helps him during dinner, protects him from a fall, teaches him things like screaming and hide and seek, or hugs his guts out, I can see that she definitely gets the brother-sister thing!  She is an awesome big sister.

But then with her next breath, rather than baby brother, she'll refer to him as "your baby."

I love the way that in her precious, innocent mind this needs no explaining.  He is my little baby; he is her baby brother.

And that's just the way it is.


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