His Daddy's Eyes

This week I went to a mommy group for the first time at a local church - what fun!  Ironically, I knew more faces there than Melody, a regular, who had invited me along!  Leave it to being back in Lancaster County and the good old Mennonite game.

That being said, I ran into an acquaintance from college who I hadn't seen or talked to in 6 years, and she obviously had not heard our adoption story.  Upon meeting Levi, she remarked,

"Oh my goodness what a cutie!  Does he have his daddy's eyes, or what?!"

Um, no, actually he doesn't.  Thanks anyway.  But I couldn't bring myself to correct her in front of all those people; that would have not helped anyone.  Instead, I politely thanked her and commented on her cutie of a baby.

Later, Melody and I chuckled about the awkwardness of that comment.  Melody told me that as crazy as it is, she knows several adoptive families where the children and parents' features favor each other.  And truly, it's not the first time someone has said Levi looks like Herb or I.  A time or two I have heard,

"Man, if I didn't know Levi was adopted, I would have thought he was yours."

To which, if I'm feeling soap-boxy, I reply,

"He is ours."

And then they usually correct themselves and say,

"I mean, he looks just like you/Herb."

Herb's aunt sent me some old pictures out of the blue this week, and if you look at Herb and Levi side by side at the same age, yes, I think I do see some similarities.  What a coincidence!

Herb, Levi, Herb
Coming full circle, as Melody and I talked about God, adoption, and grace, we realized, just as we're adopted by God, isn't our goal to look more and more like him?  I hope as people get to know me they say,

"Wow, she really has her Father's hands/ eyes/ heart."


  1. While we don't know why things happen, I truly believe that things happen for a reason. Sometimes we find the reason out, sometimes not but God works in mysterious ways. In the end there is a reason Levi came into your lives. Knowing the Herb I knew from that little boy on the left, I was 18 months older but we spent a lot of time together at that age, we were constant playmates and I know that Herb would be the type to always be looking over his family. He is there in spirit. Levi is such a lucky little boy, personally I think he looks like Mom. Best wishes!


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