Pintrest Challenge :: Nautical Diaper Bag

When Sherry and Katie announced this morning that they were hosting the Winter Pinterest challenge, I started counting down the minutes to Levi's nap.  You see, last night I got started on a new diaper bag for myself, and today I was hoping to finish it.  With the challenge now chomping at my heels, you better believe I got 'er done!

My Pinterest inspiration was this Stolkhom diaper bag, sold here.

Now, don't get me wrong, $68 is not a bad price for a diaper bag, especially one I love like this, but it is REALLY not in our budget right now.  Maybe someday...

But for now, what I DID have to work with was:

A mustard colored pair of J.Crew cords
{purchased for $0.50 at Jubilee Ministries}

A yard of navy and white striped home decor fabric 
{purchased for $2.99 at Goodville Fabric Outlet }

Some free time

(If you live in the area, you MUST visit Goodville Fabric Outlet sometime.  Read about here on this little tour.)

My Finished Product
I didn't use a pattern for my purse, but I based it loosely on a Tohoku Tote I made last summer - if you're looking for a pattern, check out this one.)  Otherwise, these are my general directions, if you want to fudge it like me.

1. Wash your fabric!!  I forget this sometimes.

2. Cut the general shape for the outside of the purse (2 pieces) and a matching set for the lining of the purse.

3.  Iron fusible interfacing to the two pieces of the outside layer (my navy section).

4.  If you want to have a layer at the top, like my yellow strip, sew that on the outside of the purse.  Make a matching layer on the pieces of the inside of the purse.

5. Sew the pockets on the outside layer (great for phones, keys, bottles, etc).  I put a pocket on each side.

6. Sew the two pieces of the outside of the purse together.

7.  Make the corners of the bottom of the bag lay flat by sewing on a diagonal.  DO this for inside and outside purse layers.  For more clear instructions, refer to the Tohoku Tote tutorial.

7. Sew the pieces of the inside of the purse together. Remember the "nice side of the fabric" should face the inside of the purse.

8. Pin the outside and inside of the purse together.

9. Figure out what you're going to do about a strap.  I have a removable navy strap on my other diaper bag that I decided would be just write for this purse.  I pinned two corduroy loops between the layers of the purse before I sewed.

10.  Sew two straight lines around the purse, connecting the outside layer, inside layer, and strap loops.

11.  Take gratuitous photos and post it on your blog.

And if all that doesn't work, call me.  It would be fun to hang out and make a purse together.  I will bring my sewing machine if you don't have one.

What have you pinned today?


  1. I've lusted after that bag on Etsy as well. I like your version- bags are so fun to make! I love the PA Fabric Outlet in New Holland, but never knew the Goodville Fabric Outlet existed... will definitely be checking it out!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the colours. You did a great job with the sewing!


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