He's Got Your Eyes [Yes, this again]

Wendi, my sister, and I were shopping at my happy place [Target] with  Levi recently.  As we checked out at separate registers, Wendi finished first, and joined Levi and I as we checked out.

Target lady, speaking to Wendi:  Oh my, now you must be his mommy!
Wendi: Hahaha, no, no...
Me:  No, I am, actually [thankyouverymuch...you know, the one who was pushing the cart, keeping him occupied, and paying for the baby paraphernalia]
Target lady, totally stunned:  Oh.... [I think she wanted to say, "Are you sure?"]...well then you [Wendi] must be related to him [Levi].
Wendi: Yes, I am.  I am his aunt.
Target lady:  Yes, yes.  I knew it!  Boy does he have your eyes!!

Wendi with Levi in his younger days.
I love how everyone likes to guess where Levi got his beautiful big brown eyes when they see him with blue eyed Herb or my green eyed self.  In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, someone who didn't know Levi was adopted couldn't get over how much Levi had Herb's eyes.

(Side note, did you know that even if Herb and I could biologically have a child, genetics say it would be impossible for said child to have brown eyes?).

Blue eyes, Brown eyes, Green eyes
Also, I'm glad Wendi got to experience an awkward adoption situation.  Of course, when the conversation with the Target lady transpired we just gave each other a look and had a quick mind-to-mind conversation in which we decided not to correct the cashier.  It was a fun moment.

And finally, I must take back my prediction from over a year ago when I was convinced Levi's eyes were turning green.  They are most certainly brown and gorgeous!!

Plus, I know where those eyes really come from...

Levi and Jen

Oh, PS, one more funny Target story.  I was there earlier this week, without Wendi.  I had been in the store for so long (like an hour and a half), that when a friend who lives less than 10 minutes from me said "Hey, Michelle!", my first response was, "Hey, Leslie, what are you doing in West York?"  Sadly, Leslie had to remind me that she and I were shopping in Lititz (near where we both live), not West York, which would be an hour away (where I used to live).  How embarrassing.  Ever been in Target so long you forgot what count you were in?


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