Red Letter Day

I started out calling today Elmo Day, then Lawrence's Birthday, but now I think I will just call it a Red Letter Day.  Everything about today was perfect - from the weather to the little boy who breathed his first breath.  Here's the story of our Pie Day.

Levi has been loving Elmo for a few weeks now.  The timing of my sister being on the tour of Sesame Street Live could not have been better.  

Here's some proof of Levi's love - hugging his Elmo and sleeping with a Bert pillowcase (from my childhood!). 

We piled into the car this morning at 7:30 and headed up to State College.  We met my mom and stepdad, who had my niece in tow.  

Along the way we also picked up my cousin Kendra.  It was a full car - but we were also so excited to see Wendi - who is the lead in Elmo's Super Heroes!!  

Wendi did a fantastic job.  

Every time I see her perform I get a little weepy - I am so proud of this little girl from Fivepointville who is really doing it! 

All the muppet monster characters have recorded voices/songs, but Wendi is the human character and does everything live.   

Knowing someone famous sure has some perks.  Our seats were AMAZING.  In fact, you can tell how close we were from this picture - Kendra is taking our picture from right in front of the stage - we were in the fourth row!  Wendi also hooked Levi and Joelle up with those cute Elmo shirts, Elmo balloons, and Sesame Street soccer balls.

Levi sat in a total trance for the entire first act of the show.  He would not break his stare from the stage.  For the second act, he decided to stand on the floor in front of me, but again, not a peep from him.  He loved it.

After the two and a half hour drive home from State College, we made a quick pit stop at home and then high tailed it to the York Hospital. Herb's sister, Cali, had been in labor for about 18 hours, and we knew at any moment our very first nephew would be making his appearance.

But on this red letter day, time was on our side.  As we walked into the waiting room, we received a text saying, "Lawrence is here!!"  Soon we got to go back and hold a baby who was just 30 minutes old!

Lawrence Jackson was born on 3/14/12 at 5:40pm.  He is a tiny 5 lbs and 9 oz, and 18.5 inches long.  He was born with eyes open and bright - I just couldn't believe how alert this little guy was!  And so beautiful.  Cali did a good job. 

When Levi walked into the room (whoops - we didn't know that was illegal), he said, "It's a baby!"  (Sounds like "esss uh bebe.")

Herb said it was a day of sisters.  From celebrating new life to celebrating life accomplishments, I am so glad we had today to celebrate our amazing little sisters - Wendi and Cali.  

What's the last Red Letter Day you've had?  Did you ever have to read a book in fifth grade called Charlie's Red Letter Day?  Or am I making that up?


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