Airports, Anthro, and Four Granola Bars

On Facebook I follow a page called "Honest Toddler."  It's just what it sounds like - hilarious.  Some brilliant parent is posting on behalf of their two year old, supposing the things that we all wonder if our kid is thinking.

This morning's status: "In a store called Anthropologie. Looks like a cross between a garage sale and a wedding."

I had to chuckle, because just a hour or two before I read this, I had taken my own toddler into Anthropologie, where he found door knobs displayed in a bowl with, what else, white and yellow gumballs, and then insisted we roll the balls to each other.

I conceded until one ball rolled clear across the store, and some suit with a bluetooth, obviously picking out an I'm-sorry-I'm-a-jerk gift for his wife (#takenoteHerbSuerethChrisStrayerJerryBecker), had to point me in the direction of said gumball.


We took my mom to the airport this morning.  She's visiting my sister in Florida for the week.  I was not invited and I don't want to talk about it.  I thought since we were in Philly already from our airport trip, Levi and I should make a day out of it.  

First we sat in traffic going into the city near the airport, which was actually awesome because Levi could watch the planes take off.

Next, we found a Starbucks, and I got embarassed because I was convinced they were giving away free coffee for Earth Day.  They weren't - I was reading a blog from 2011.  LOL.  The barista told us about  a park downtown, so we headed that way.

Once we (parallel) parked in the city, we found the said park, and of course, it didn't have a playground like I expected.  Oops.  But we did find a giant statue of a lion annihilating a snake, which Levi thought was fabulous.

We walked another mile to a riverfront park (with a playground), played for a few minutes, found a bathroom.

Then with an hour on the meter to spare, walked a mile back (Levi on my shoulder), and stopped at Anthropologie (and rolled gumballs around to each other on the floor).  

On the way home, just before my exhausted toddler crashed into oblivion and I finished my audio book of "Bossy Pants," we ate the pathetic lunch I packed - bananas, granola bars, applesauce in a packet, and chips.  Not the most well rounded meal, but it was a last minute decision this morning, I was grateful for the (free) food, and at least it wasn't french fries.

It was a fun, albeit anti-climatic, morning.  I love that Levi is at the point where for a two hour traipse around the city, all I needed was a wallet, cellphone, car key, and his hand.  No stroller, no diaper bag, just a good pair of sneakers and the shining sun.  We had a great time!


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