Orioles Opener!

Levi loves sports and music.  This post has both.  But first, a funny story.

Last week he was playing baseball in the yard and narrating everything he did (to himself).  "I hit the ball!  I run!  I throw the ball!  Eagles stink!  I hit the puck in the net!"

Funniest stream of consciousness ever.

So, baseball season is here!  Which means one awesome thing: hockey is almost over.

But really, I like baseball for three reasons:

  1. To share a common interest with my husband and son.
  2. To trash talk anyone who's not an Orioles fan.
  3. To have an excuse for a new outfit.

Today is the opening day for the orange and black team, and to celebrate, Levi sang this little song.  (You can watch the video here on youtube if it doesn't appear below).

Go Orioles!

And, just for fun, here's another song he was singing last night, "He Is Risen," for Easter.


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