How To Deal With A Tiny Master

And no, I'm not talking about living with a two year old.

Rather, what this is is a cry for help!  I'm going to share some pictures today that I'm kind of hesitate to publish.  It's part three of our "new house tour:" the master bedroom. I have a SMALL master bedroom, a huge bed I'm not willing to part with, a few good ideas, and a lot of room for improvement.  When I say small, I mean 9' x 13'. We can't paint or change anything cosmetically because we're renters.  My decorating has to be limited to bedding, wall art, curtains, furniture, and rugs.  And stuff has to be free or under $10.  Ha!  Here we go!

So when we moved to our new house, the "cons" were tiny bedrooms and one minuscule bathroom.  The "pros" of a larger living room, kitchen, storage area, third bedroom, and back yard won out.  This is how I'm dealing with the tiny bedroom.

We have a king size bed.  It has a beautiful oak mission style headboard, foot board, rails, and actually, an entire mating suite.  Most of it didn't fit. The armoire, one night stand, the box spring, and the mattress made it in to our room.  The large dresser and second night stand live in the living room, while the remaining bed pieces are sadly stashed in the basement.

How to deal with a huge bed on a floor?  Free cinder blocks from the side of the road.

What to do when your headboard is now a single-pane window that is freezing in the winter?  Well, find an old door in the attic and hang it on said window.  In case you're wondering, I used Interlocking Flush-Mount Hardware - it was completely worth the $7.  That's the way to go if you want to hang a "headboard" on the wall - or any other heavy art for that matter.

Fun fact - did you know a standard king size bed is the same width as the height of a standard interior door?

My shoes are stashed under the bed and hanging on the wall in these white pop-out recycling containers from Ikea:

And you know the saying abut the plumber's house?  This is our version.  The man who works for the audio, video, and lighting industry sees this every morning when he wakes up.  It's freaking hilarious, and Herb is going to be totally embarassed that I shared this picture!  Also - remember when I said our dresser didn't fit up the stairs (although it loves living in the living room now), well, this book shelf DID fit, and it works. I guess.  For now.

Yes we have two televisions in our very small room.  That's another story for another day - but it's very temporary.  But ridiculous and so funny.  What should I do above our bed with window treatments?  I've tried long hanging drapes (eh) and scarves (double eh), but I don't want a valance that would block out the light.  I also need to do something about the window beside the bed (not pictured).  And spruce up my wall of jewelry, special pictures/prints, and shoes.  Oh, and I still have white fabric to make this duvet (mom, seriously, let's get on it already!).

Suggestions for anything? Aaaaaaaaand, Go!


  1. What about roman shades? You can get them/make them (window blind and fabric) very colorful and they're easy to go up and down to let in/block the light.


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