Under My Spell

This weekend marked the end of an era... I finally emptied the last drops of my bottle of "Love Spell" lotion.

Why is this a big deal?  Well, really, it's not.  I just think it's funny that a $9 bottle of lotion lasted me for twelve years.  Can you even comprehend all the special events that bottle of lotion got me through?

Prom 2001

High School Graduation, 2002

College Graduation, 2006

My Wedding, 2006

My childhood bff, Steph, talked me into buying the lotion for Prom in 2001 - it's fitting that she shared all those big events over the years with me, too.  Love Spell and Steph - seeing me through the big milestones.

I used to save it for special occasions  but after packing up all my toiletries for two moves in two years, I decided recently it's time to use this stuff up!!  And thus began "Operation: Use Up My Stuff Before I Buy Anymore."

Next up is my Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion.  It's a much better lotion, but doesn't have near the memories tied to it like Love Spell did.

How about you?  What's your favorite scent to wear (lotion or spray?).  My mom is a Bath and Body "Sweet Pea" fan and my mother in law loves "Paris," also from Bath and Body.


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