Yesterday, my friend Sammy had her baby!!  Her name is Charlotte Renee, and she's gorgeous.

Little clothes, little feet...future attender of Girlfriend Getaway?

We were very excited to meet baby Charlotte - especially Levi.  Upon news of her birth, he sang her happy birthday.  Before her birth, he lovingly referred to her as "Baby Dump Truck," or "Charlie Dump Truck," which is ironic because Charlie wasn't all that far off from her (at the time) undecided name!  When I told Levi today that Baby Dump Truck is actually named Charlotte, he said,

"Charlotte...that's just like Shark!"

And so for the rest of the day he's been calling her "Shark" and "Scarlett."

Today we visited 24 hour old Charlotte, and Levi was a perfect gentleman, "Mommy, can I hold the baby?"

Then, situated in a sturdy chair with a boppy pillow and my hands very close by, Levi gave her some special snuggles.

"Hi baby.  You're so cute."  Belly rubs and kisses on the cheek and in the eye.

I'm so excited for these two to be friends!

Tonight, Herb was on bedtime duty, and after prayers, Levi said,

"Daddy, why is baby Charlotte in the hopsital?" (Yes, hop- sit -al.)
"Because she was just born," said Herb.
"I want to be born," Levi replied.
"You already were born, Levi."
"Daddy, I....I...I want to be born again."

I know it's not exactly what he meant, but Herb and I had a good chuckle over Levi asking to be "born again." So we're going to start taking chances like this to tell him what it really means to be born again, and hope that one day God will grab his heart and Levi will run after him with reckless abandon. Or, at least that's what I'm praying for.

And, baby Charlotte, too.  Fittingly enough, Renee means "reborn."  How perfect is that?


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