They Prayed Him Home

I wrote yesterday about my time with my Aunt Pam and Uncle Dwight.  Well, before I left for home, I stopped by Pam's work.  I like seeing where people work.  It helps me picture their day to day lives and then when we catch up at Thanksgiving or Reunions, I feel like I understand things better.

Pam met me in the lobby of the credit union and then took me upstairs to her office.

(Sidenote - an upstairs office at a bank?  You better believe she's important, but so humble!!)

After the quick office tour, she said, "I want to introduce you to two other ladies.  They prayed Levi home to you!"

What?!  No big surprise here - but tears quickly stung my eyes.

These ladies meet every Friday morning to pray for each other, and, unbeknownst to me, for several months lifted Herb and I up in prayer.  They prayed us through waiting, and broken hearts, and cried happy tears when Pam shared the news of our spontaneous parenthood.

It was awesome to meet to women of God who had prayed for me without ever meeting me, and I hope it touched them to get to see Levi in person, too!

I remember thanking people for all the prayers during the dark times, knowing that we were being covered by people who I didn't know.  But to put even two faces with those prayers was such an incredible feeling.  I love the Church.


  1. How humbling to have people you don't even know praying for you... the body of Christ is amazing!


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