It's Gonna Be May

First of all, this picture of J-Tim  cracks me up every time.

This post is my love letter to the month of May, in the form of terrible poetry. And that's saying a lot because it's only been a week.

Dear May,

I love you so incredibly, let me count the ways.

I love you for your perfect breeze 
while running under gorgeous trees 
which serve as the background 
for moments I want to freeze.  

I love you for the inviting light 
as the day turns into night 
begging us to dine outside- 
as if I'd actually put up a fight.

I love you for the way 
you make us stay all day 
for my house is so much cleaner 
when it's outside that we play.


I love you for all the things to do
Run here, go there, wear good shoes
Spending time with friends, and knowing
I have the best ones, takes away the blues


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