Twenty Minutes

"That was the most frustrating experience of my life!"  I complained to Lauren on Friday.

I was driving from Harrisonburg, VA to Manheim, PA, and had to stop in Hagerstown, MD for gas. I was chatting on the phone with Lauren, and as I pulled off the exit, I saw the sign for Sheetz, and said, "Hey, I'm pulling up now, I'll call you right back."

And then I couldn't find Sheetz.  The traffic was awful and all the gas stations were on the wrong side of the four lane road.  I pulled into the Giant parking lot, but then there were lines 2 cars deep at each gas pump.  Down the road and across the street I finally found an open gas station, got my gas, made my way back to the highway, and called Lauren back.  But I was annoyed!

So imagine my disgust when, an hour later, I found myself gridlocked on Rt 81 - a major highway!  All I wanted was to get home!  I should have known better than to travel through the state capital during Friday rush hour.

As I sat in my car, fuming over the gas station and traffic situations, scanning the radio to figure out why in the world traffic was not moving, I saw something rise above the cars in front of me, higher over the bridge, and in to the sky.

The life line helicopter.

It was an accident, it was a bad one, it was only a few hundred feet in front of me, and someone died.

With an overwhelming wash of emotions and sense gratitude, I couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened if I had a perfectly normal gas-getting experience earlier.  What if I had arrived to the intersection of 81 and 114 just 15 or 20 minutes sooner?

Some call it the butterfly effect, I call it divine intervention.

Thank you, God, for protection.  Please ruin my plans as often as you need to.


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