Christmas Gift Idea : Little Girl

My sister in law, Sarah, is a gift giving genius.  She is the kind of person that's shopping all year long and knows just the right things to give.  So when she gave me a suggestions for her daughters, you better believe I jumped on it.

Sarah said when she was a little girl her mom wrote a story about her and put pictures of her in it.  She thought my neices (her daughters), Ellie and Cora might really enjoy something like this.

First I composed a 24 stanza poem about Cora's three wishes (be a princess, be a kitty, go home), and then I uploaded recent beach vacation pictures into Shutterfly.  20 pages later, this book was born.  And of course I had a coupon, so this book ended up being just the cost of shipping, $9.

I finished the first one this morning, and I'm pretty excited to give it to Cora at Christmas!  (Sarah, don't let her see it here!  Hehehe - not that I know any 5 year old blog readers...)

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