Unlike every other mom on the face of the Earth, I completely forgot to post pictures of Levi's first day of pre-school.  He was much more excited than I expected him to be.

On the first day, I took him to his classroom and stayed to play for about 30 minutes before being escorted to another room to fill out paperwork and hear from the headmistress (is that her title?).  Levi was not happy about my leaving and cried pretty hard.  The teacher offered to "just take him" and I let her.

I heard crying during the entire parent's meeting, but I was pretty sure it was not Levi.  At the end of the meeting my fears were calmed when I saw the three year old class marching in a line down the hall, packs on their back, with Levi happily leading the line.  His teacher told me he stopped crying after about one minute.

Later in the car I asked him what made him feel better and how he stopped crying.

"It was snack time, Mom!"

That's my boy.

I got a little choked up the first day when I saw his name on the door and when I saw him leading the line, but otherwise held it together well.

The second and third days of school were a different story.  This time, the teacher met us at the car, pulled him out of his carset and in they walked.

"See you later, Mom!" he happily shouted.  Ah, no tears!!

I can't say the same for myself.  I cried the whole way home both days.  I should mention the "whole way home" is only a mile, so that's not too bad, right?  And I'm good now.  So proud of my boy!

Today (the 4th day of school), his teacher chatted a little bit during pick up because I was the last one in line.
"Levi is very happy and obedient in class!" She shared.  Yay for Levi!


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