Man of My Dreams

I love stories, which is I think why I like blogging.  It's definitely why I love tv (yes, I stuck with ER, Heroes, Friends, and Lost till the very end), movies, and my own personal dreams.  Like the ones I have at night.  Stories that my brain makes up - they're often very entertaining, interesting (to me), and more clever than anything I could think up in my waking hours.

For the last few months, maybe longer, I've been having a recurring dream.  It's the best kind of recurring dream...a happy one.

In the dream, which I had last night, I'm usually going about my business when I become aware that I'm falling in love with this guy who usually remains faceless.  Sometimes we're in college, sometimes I'm a mother, sometimes I a mother as my college self.  As the dream progresses, I profess my love to this man and then suddenly I realize it's none other than Herb.  And then I half wake up because I remember, wait, I AM in love with this man in real life and we've spent the last decade together.

And then I wake up and this literal man-of-my-dreams is lying beside me.

Those are the best mornings ever.


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