Levi, Year 3

Well, it took me an extra month to get finished, but I finally hit "publish" and "upload" on Levi's birthday video last night.  In years past I had the video reviewing the last year done in time for his actual birthday, and we played the movie at his parties.  This year it didn't make sense to do it at his baseball party, so I'm just posting it here for my own enjoyment.

Levi Year 3 from Michelle Suereth on Vimeo.

The biggest hold up was figuring out what music to use.  That's always my favorite part of making these birthday videos - but it the hardest too...

This video's music sums up the last year perfectly -

"Sweet Baby Boy" - Slugs and Bugs
"Ho Hey" - The Lumineers.  Picked for lyrics such as "I belong to you, you belong to me, you're my sweetheart," and "I've been sleeping in my bed," because the biggest parenting challenge for me thus far has been the whole big boy bed situation.
"Under Where" - Slugs and Bugs.  The second biggest deal of this year was potty training.  And Levi thinks this song is hilarious.  It just works.
"Rodeo" - Aaron Copland.  One time a few months ago, Levi FLIPPED out when this song came on (in a good way!).  I had to throw it in, and it's exciting, just like the life of a little boy.

Happy birthday, Levi!

Videos from other years - here.


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