Dappy & Coco

I know it's a fairly common thing, but since I've never had one, you can imagine my curiosity when Levi started talking about his friend, Dappy.

Dappy is a little girl with pink hair who likes baseball.  Her favorite food is hot dogs, and she must be a good race car driver, because often I hear Levi exclaim,

"Yay for Dappy!!"

Oh, did I mention Dappy is an imaginary friend?  I realized her existence was more than just a role playing match box car activity when I noticed Levi pushing the baby swing the other day.

"What are you doing, Levi?"  I asked.

"Pushing Dappy in the swing, Mommy."


So the next night at dinner, as Herb and I discussed Dappy with Levi, I suddenly remembered hearing him say something about "the Bot" while he was playing cars, too.

"Who's the bot?" I asked.

"Spot the Bot!  He's so bad!!!"  Levi replied.  "And Coco is good.  He's Dappy's friend."

So, if you're following correctly, Dappy and Coco (a girl and boy respectively) are in a fierce battle (which is often taking place on our ceiling, according to Levi) against Spot the Bot - a bad robot.  THey must all get along sometimes, because, again according to Levi, all three of them sleep in his bed.

Herb's theory is that Levi is picturing characters from Yo Gabba Gabba; I'd rather just think it's completely made up in my little boys creative mind.

Either way, it's hilarious, and if you have the pleasure of hearing this story in person, I guarantee I cannot say "Spot the Bot" without cracking up.

Have you or your kids every had an imaginary friend?


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