Born In My Heart

My friend Jess (who is an excellent blogger and real life friend), just celebrated her 30th birthday!!  Go give her some love!

Last week, when our adoption was finalized, Jess stopped by with an incredibly touching gift for the "new" mommy.

I love the personalization and sentiment of the necklace.  I already had a special "Levi" necklace, but now they can take turns dangling from my neck.  I love them both!!  Thanks, Jess!

I picked up a similar necklace from The Vintage Pearl for my friend Lauren for Christmas (sans "Born in My Heart," just her son's initial and birthstone).  I'm not trying to do any advertising, but the hand stamped jewelry is so neat!!  Jess also bought herself one that says, "Choose Joy," which is her motto.

And one more random thing.  Remember how I let my kid eat a cupcake at my sister-in-law's wedding?  Well, the great photographer, Jen Ledden, caught the whole thing!  She set up a facebook album here.

It should be public, but if it's not, just "like" Jennifer Ledden Photography on facebook and then you can look for "Levi's First Cupcake."


  1. I cant believe you are still baking after all them cupcakes! LOL

  2. I love hand-stamped jewelry, and this one is especially wonderful!! What a thoughtful gift!

    And that picture is AWESOME! Ok, so this is probably totally inapprop-- but have you seen that old SNL skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze auditioning to be Chippendale's dancers?! Chubby little Levi TOTALLY reminds me of Chris Farley in that sketch-- with the bowtie and all. Oh my word. I am cracking myself up just thinking about it.

  3. Ha ha Melody. I love that Chippendale skit!
    And such a beautiful necklace. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.


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