Don't Judge Me...

I may or may not have....

- let my 9 month old son devour a cupcake at his aunt's wedding.

- stripped my baby down to a bow tie and skivies at the sweltering hot wedding.

- finished my son's playtime in the baby pool with some shampoo and a quickie bath.


  1. I think that, even better than the skivvies and necktie, is that he is dancing on the table in said attire.

    And I won't judge you if you give me one of those cupcakes. :)

  2. No judgement here! I would do the same things. :)

  3. As yes the Groom looked very very handsome I have to say Levi was just a tad bit more handsome and te Cupcake! Oh my that was cute! Thank You for accepting me and letting me be apart of your giving Levi the cupcake!


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